How To Use Dried Flower For Interior Decoration?

Almost everyone wish to have a beautiful house where they can just sit back and relax. We all want our house to look beautiful and decoration is important for it. It is essential to create an environment at home according to the mood. It will boost our confidence and help us to be more productive. Adding home décor to any room give a sense of completeness and make it more elegant. Nowadays using dried flowers for interior decoration is very common.  Without any further delay just go through some ideas of using dried flower for interior decoration.

 Prettify frames 

Hanging photo frames, metal décor or wooden frame for the decoration of a room is an old idea. You can try something out of the box by framing dry and pressed flower in a beautiful frame. This home décor will give a floral touch to your room. If you are a nature lover or you have chosen the nature theme for your interior using dried flowers is a cool idea. Sticking the dried flower and petals in the frame in a pattern looks amazing.

Bowls and Bouquets 

This is a quick and easy idea to use dried flower for decoration of the room. You can also check out the collection at Daje Place for some really amazing dried flower décor items. Beautiful flower vases can be used for keeping the dried flower bouquets. These vases should be kept in places where it will catch the attention of people like in the living room or the dining room.

Apart from the bouquets designer bowls can be used for decorating the room with dried flower. Simply put some dry flower petals in a bowl or scatter them around the bowl. It will add vibrancy to our room and your room will look magical

Hang them in ceiling 

Usually ceilings are plain and boring part of any room. Well this is not necessary, just add some temporary metal bars, hooks in your ceiling and hang dried flower in them. You can also do some experiments with light and dried flower it will look just magical. Dried flowers can also be hanged in door or window of the house.

Wall décor 

Sticking the flowers in the wall of a room is a simple yet beautiful décor idea. You can choose a specific pattern and stick flower accordingly they will look great.

Dried flower candles 

Making dried flower candles is something that adds flair of creativity to your room. It is an interesting and easy process to make dried flower candle at home. Perfumed candles will keep the room fresh and make it look unique. The aroma of candles spread positive vibes in the room.

 Place dried flower in designer Apothecary jars it will look stunning. You can also tie colourful ribbons around this jar to give it a stylish look. These jars can be placed in dining table or coffee table.


 is a classical idea but it is still in trend. People use wreathes for decoration at   events and festive season but it can also be used as room décor item. This is   basically known as a tiara which is used in parties and events. Now people are   also using it in different styles as a décor item. It can be placed near door,   window and to highlight any showpiece item in the room.

Floating flower

looks incredibly beautiful and they neither sink nor soak in the water. It is basically used in theme based parties for decoration. Though adding them in your interior décor list is not a bad idea. There is a hot glue gum and dried flower foam which creates the floating base for flower. It can be kept in the table at sitting room or the dining room. This dried flower décor will surely get the attention of people.  

Dried flowers are available in various shape, size and colour. Picking something that complement the whole look of the room is a task. One should be very careful and attentive while planning the use of dried flower for decoration.

Dried flower are affordable and it needs less maintenance like you don’t need to water them regularly. Apart from it they can be used in a multiple number of ways for the decoration of a house. Owning a cozy, comfortable and beautiful home is in the bucket list of every person.

We at Daje place are always eager to help you in decorating your dream home. Just check our collection and order décor items for your house. Dried flower is the latest trend and designers prefer them over the fresh flower or the artificial flowers. They are long-lasting and evergreen which means you can use them for all twelve months and they will still look pretty.