6 Ways to Adorn your House with Dried Flowers

“Flowers are the music of the ground. From earth’s lips spoken without sound”-Edwin Curran

Do you feel your living room needs a little enhancement? Looking for inspiration to add charm and coziness to your home? The magic trick to creating a lovely living room is to add charming decorative details around the place.

To improve your home’s image, you have to put ornaments in your house that reflects your lifestyle as an owner. If you are a fan of scenic beauty, it's time to ditch those expensive home décor for beautiful and scintillating dried flowers for interior decoration.  Whether you want to emphasize your home's elegance or create a luxurious feel, dried flowers can come to you rescue.

How to Decorate Your House with Dried Flowers?

Spring is the time of joy and the revival of nature. So, why not decorate your home with dried flowers to bring spring inside the doors of your home.  To make your house more alive, you don’t have to spend half of your salary on expensive furniture. Creative dried flower decoration can convert your space into a garden of paradise.

With dried flowers, you can craft your interior in such a way that it looks more comfortable and visually appealing.  Dried flowers are simple yet elegant décor element that never goes out of style.  Fresh or dried flowers bring life and delight to your room. Even with dried flowers, you can add a touch of nature to your home as long as you avoid those tacky-looking ones.  At Daje Place, we provide you a unique selection of dried flowers that will look gorgeous on your kitchen table or windowsill.

Are you all set to decorate your home with dried flowers?  Daje Place has some fun decorating ideas that can jazz up your interior.

Put Dried Flowers in Apothecary Jars


Looking for a unique and delightful way to showcase your favorite dried flowers?  Drop them into different sized apothecary jars.  With these jars, you may need a little time to get flowers to sit the way you want. But, once you get the arrangement right, they will look stunning. For a soft, romantic touch, add a pink or brown ribbon around the jars. Place the jars on the fireplace mantel, bookshelves, or on the coffee table, and let everyone who visits your home applaud your creativity.

Accessorize Your Bathroom with Dried Flowers


The bathroom is the most important room in your house. This is the one place in your house where you can enjoy complete privacy. If you love to decorate your washroom to create a sensual feel, dried flowers can be your savior.

A wonderful decoration idea is to use dried flower arrangements around the washbasin and sides of your bathtub. You can spice up things by sprinkling your favorite perfume on dried flowers.  When you enter your bathroom, the sight of beautiful flowers will uplift your mood in an instant.

Dried flowers will surely make bath-time a favorite time for you.

Hang Them Around Your Celling


Plain boring celling can be a turn-off for your guests. Shake things up by hanging dried flowers from the temporary metal bars.  Use strings to tie together dried flowers along with a bunch of fresh flowers for a more artistic look. Hang them on the ceiling or add attractive fairy lights to it.  To uplift the exterior, you can hang dried flowers from your windowsill or windows. Dried flower hanging has become the latest home décor trend.  Buy dried flowers from our store and use your creativity to decorate your home with it.

Use Dried Flowers to Prettify Your Frames.


Tired of seeing the same –old wooden or metal frames for your photographs? To make them look one of a kind and exclusive, use dry flowers on them. You can either decorate your photo frames with dried flowers or with petals. Make a district design with flower petals or rose buds and stick them on the frame. This will not only add a floral touch to your home décor but add life to your photographs. 

Learn the Art of Flower Arrangement

Just like with fresh flowers, try creative floral arrangements for dried flowers for interior decorationSome basics of creating enticing flower arrangements include:

  • Larger flowers must be present at the center.
  • Place smaller flowers around bigger ones.
  • Use floral foam or tape to keep flowers in place.
  • Fill extra spaces with foliage and tiny flowers.

Flower decoration can impact your mind’s perception and emotions. While arranging dried flowers, take the colour and the overall theme of your home décor into account.

Looking for a perfect décor solution for your home? At Daje Place, we provide you an extensive range of dried flowers that will add a floral touch to your home.  To buy budget-friendly online home décor, get in touch with us!